Tuesday, 8 April 2008

News Feed: Rainbow-struck Garden

Rainbow has just struck my crops in a pot garden. These vegetables are not only a treat for your tummy, but these are also truly a feast for your eyes.

Just have a look at my astoundingly beautiful garden! O My! It’s looking startling! I cannot wait to harvest my sweet dazzling peppers! BIG MAMA/Godfather 8-inch long peppers are coming in abundance. They are still half the original size. As they mature they will turn into red. Harvested my PURPLE BEAUTIES last week! They taste superbly sweet but some thing strange happened when I cooked them. The color turned back into green! All the purple shade was gone unlike the first time. And even when I tried to refrigerate them they turned back into green. I think they should not be kept on vines for too long after ripping. And it is for sure that they don’t like moisture… well although they look stunning on vines and they produce fruit in large numbers, but I don’t think I will grow them again. Instead I’ll go for yellow, orange or red ones. Speaking of yellow peppers. I am madly in love with this vivacious variety. Brightly painted peppers look so gorgeous. They look so apitizing, i can not wait them to ripe!
I harvested 10 beans yesterday! It is so great to have grains grown in your garden. I was delighted to see my first bean pods. In my last post about beans, I said that beans should be picked up while they are still green. But for white lobias or the cowpea, it is not true. If they were picked before the pods color fade, they would still be green from inside. The ones kept on vines little longer will properly mature and get larger.

My tasty tomatoes are just superb. Plants are producing more and more. And there are new bunches of blossoms. I have moved my plants to a partially sunny area. As there is always water shortage and watering pattern changes. But they are doing well.

Nature has played with all colors and textures for every thing it has created but it has blessed food with unique flavors, shapes, sizes, colors, fragrances and special attractiveness, That one can never get bored with them. There are always marvelous creations of nature around us, waiting to be discovered. Find them!

Love Nature!

Share your thoughts and experince growing crops.
in mynext blog i ll share some interesting pictures of how differnt crops get colored.

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