Harvest Eating

The joy of picking fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden right before you make a meal is unmatchable. Here are some of the Harvest Eating ideas and favorite recipes from my kitchen and from other guest kitchen gardeners. We would love to share your recipes too. Write to us crops.in.pots@gmail.com. 

Happy Eating!

Herby Treats

Thai Tom Yum Soup by Zahra Ali

 Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup works perfectly as our lunch. Like other Thai food, Tom Yum tastes best when made from freshly picked herbs. Since we love Thai food, we planted Lemon Grass, red chillies, Thai Basil and Lemon in our organic kitchen garden.   Recipe 

Thin Crust Garden Pizza 

Recently, I just invented this thin crust pizza recipe using some herbs from my garden. It turned out really flavorsome and packed with appetizing fragrance. Here is the recipe for you.

Garden Fresh Meals


 Pansit Miki Guisado

 Muneer Arquion Hinay, PM at  WWF, Philippines & administrator of  Home Farmers Club, shares with us his Pansit Miki Guisado recipe!

Recipe by Zahra Ali

Spinach Kofta with Yellow Curry 

Organic homegrown tender Spinach is the star of this dish. Enjoy our recipe!

Palak Ki Roti

'Palak ki Roti' is a special treat for a monsoon day. This time we dint had a single shower but that shouldn't keep us away from the delicious "Palak ki roti". Recipe

Healthy Desserts and Snacks

Homemade Banana and Almond-Butter Ice cream 

Homemade Banana and Almond Butter ice cream is for you if you know the value of freshly made food that is preservative free and has no artificial flavors in it.   Enjoy Umme Aimen Kazmi's Recipe.

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