Friday, 4 January 2013

Homemade Banana and Almond-Butter Ice cream

 Banana & almond ice cream recipe and image credit : Umme Aimen Kazmi

Nothing beats homemade food especially when its a simple mouth-watering healthy and scrumptious recipe like this one! 

Homemade Banana and Almond Butter ice cream is for you if you know the value of freshly made food that is preservative free and has no artificial flavors in it.  

This recipe reached me through Umme Aimen Kazmi and she learnt it from her sister Ummul Banned Kazmi. I had to post it here! Thanks for the photos that made me drool Aimen and for writing down the recipe for the readers :)

I bought dozens of Bananas to try this today. You should also give it a try. I am sure you will love it !

Ice cream1. Freeze a few sliced bananas and process them in the chopper until the consistency is that of soft ice cream.
2. Add any flavor you want. Honey, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, coconut, condensed milk, strawberries, Oreos you name it! Process it and freeze overnight. 

Nut butterTake a handful of nuts and process them in the chopper until they become 'buttery'. You can add some oil and salt for a peanut butter like taste or make yummy combos like walnut+honey+cinnamon or almonds and raisins! 
Great tasting, preservative free substitute for regular butter, jams and fattening store bought peanut butter!

A day that begins with homemade Banana-Mocha ice cream and dark chocolate coated almonds sprinkled with dark brown sugar just can NOT go wrong! - Umme Aimen Kazmi

Tip: don't make a whole lot of nut butter in one go since it won't keep in the fridge for longer then a week.

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