Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Trees of Life

Dear friends,

Here is a video we made to promote awareness about tree plantation. Around 700 students from Dawood Public School Karachi participated in this activity inspired by the iEARN Youth Can project.

Special Thanks to The CEO Dawood Public School : Ms Sabrina Dawood,Mr. Tofiq Pasha Mooraj; Well known horticulturist and TV host and Mr Fahim Zuberi ; Director ZEN Academy and founder of the Dawoodian Inspirational Gardeners' Society.

Shane Hussain Naqvi is behind the wonderful editing.


Happy living!

Zahra Ali Syed

Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Color Purple

It was a joy to see my silver bush packed with eye-catching purple flowers which were covered with bees collecting nectar.

Purple is in these days in landscape designs. Its one of the color that is rare in nature and acts as a soothing element in your garden.

These days I have got few purple plants in my garden as well. Nargis-e-Shehla is growing fast and displays its pink flowers every now and then.

Gomphrena flowers are still young. I am in love with these. Although they don't have any fragrance or nectar but still they look stunning when they are loaded with flowers.

Purple is one color you must add in your garden to increase its beauty.

Happy Gardening!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Dancing Around the Cactus

I am literally dancing around my cacti these days. All six of the varieties that I have at home are doing superb.

Notice the new plant emerging from the edge of the old ones? Soon it will grow and produce more baby cacti.

Grafted one is also doing great. I have separated a baby plant from it and planted it in a new container. Its an experiment. I am not sure if babies of grafted cacti can be grown like that.

My little duck container is now filled with the cactus I planted few months back. It was just a one inched piece from a cactus and look at it now!

This one is the 3rd generation of my old cactus. I think its one of the ferocacti. I have gifted many baby cacti of the same plant to friends and kept 4 for myself.

I dont understand why people dont appreciate cacti that dont ask you for much!

Appreciate nature--- grow a cactus!

Happy Gardening!

- Zahra

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