Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Color Purple

It was a joy to see my silver bush packed with eye-catching purple flowers which were covered with bees collecting nectar.

Purple is in these days in landscape designs. Its one of the color that is rare in nature and acts as a soothing element in your garden.

These days I have got few purple plants in my garden as well. Nargis-e-Shehla is growing fast and displays its pink flowers every now and then.

Gomphrena flowers are still young. I am in love with these. Although they don't have any fragrance or nectar but still they look stunning when they are loaded with flowers.

Purple is one color you must add in your garden to increase its beauty.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Hello there. Greetings from south Texas, USA. Thank you for visiting my Seguin, Tx blog. I have enjoyed seeing your blog as well. Beautiful garden!

  2. Very beautiful indeed. and guess that purple is my favorite color as well. your post on trees is not accessible from blogger though.

  3. Welcome Thien ! good to have you here.

    Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  4. Dear Khabbab,

    The video faced little trouble but now its running fine, do watch and comment:)

    Purple looks lovely!!! Do you have any of purple shades in your garden?


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