Friday, 18 July 2008

Pot-Perfect Ponds

Ambiance of roaring waterfalls, rushing rivers, reflecting lakes, ruffling oceans and sprinkling rain always captivate ones heart to divulge the poet inside. A creative Water feature is bond to depict the same dreamy milieu in your garden.

Any type of garden can creatively add a water feature. Recent visit to Pasha's farm filled my heart with inspirations for my own pot perfect pond

Tofiq Pasha has several ponds around the house which is surrounded by breathtaking view of the farm. Soothe n serene courtyard inspired me the most. Portraying Japanese water gardens, it has lovely pond with beautiful water lilies and trees all around. Chirping birds and music from wind chimes adds special mellowness to the place.
With promised aquatic plants from Pasha; I have been experimenting with my own ponds-in-a-pot designs.
Plants I had included yellow water lilies (Nymphaea mexicana) Soft rush (Juncus effusu) Common salvina (Salyinia minima), water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) and Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)

It is important to know that aquatic plants belong to 4 categories
1. Submerged aquatics (lives completely underwater)
2. Free floating plant drift about the surface of the pond with their roots dangling in the water.
3. Deep-Water plants have their roots in water that is 45cm or more in depth. Leaves stand out or float on the surface.
4. Marginal Aquatics grow in the shallow water around the edge of the pond.

Yellow Water lily is a deep water plant. Its roots need to be at least 12 in underwater. It Flowers well in sun. yellow lilies are not fragnant but are as divine as the common white lilies.

My plants are still too young, photos of lilies are from pasha's ponds.

Common salvina is a fast growing floating plant. It needs to be controlled or else the dense colonies will cover the surface of the pond blocking all sunlight which will eliminate submerged and deep water plants.

I like them in a traditional clay pot. they are doing quite well in the shade.

Soft rush is also a deep water plant. It is a dark green grass like plant that grows 3-4 feet tall in clusters. Hydrilla is a submerged aquatic with fine leaves.

Water lettuce is another floating plant with hairy roots.It multiplies rapidly by producing several suckers which furthermore produce baby plants and the cycle goes on.

I started off with 4-5 water lettuce plants last month,and now i have whole container full of them.

Planting water plants is quite simple. I began with cementing the hole at the bottom of the container. Placed the pots containing the plants in the large container and then filled it up with water. Soil and gravel can directly be added to large containers to plant Aquatics that needs soil. Floating plants can be placed on the surface.
Ponds require proper maintenance. Moss can create problems in containers placed in sunlight. Introducing moss eating fishes can control the problem and keep your ponds clean. Ponds in pots might need to be refilled after few days.

One can play with designs and can go absolutely eccentric with water plants especially if it’s a pond-in-a-pot. Fishes can be added to create natural environment. Some birds feed on seeds of lotus, and are attracted to flowers of soft rush.
I am enjoying my water gardening experience. Cant wait to see blooming water lily in a moonlit night!what a experience it would be.

Go Eccentric Gardening!


  1. Very Nice, I am working on a water feature of my own.

    This was very refreshing to read...

  2. zahra baji this is something great n mand blowing n awesome! i am flabbergasted! i wud even love to do all this! welldone yaar1 i must appreciate your efforts!

    happy gardenin'!

  3. great work done zahra...i went through ur site even.its awesome


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