Sunday, 23 November 2008

News Feed: Keeping a Record

Hey All!

I thought I should keep a record of the dates on which I hv sown seeds, when they sprouted, and also the date of first harvest. This will help us next year too! You can do the same !dont forget to include ur location and temp.

Location: Karachi
current temp: min 12 max 30
Date sown: 11th Nov'08
Date to sprout: Carrots(19th) Cumcumber(23rd) tomato roma(19th) tomato marmilade(17th) Cherry tomato(19th)beets(15th) Spinach(16th)

Peppers,some flowers,corn,beafsteak tomato,broccoli hv nt shown any sign yet..

Sec Sowing: 22nd nov '08 seeds sown: Radishes, carrots and all others that hvnt shown any sign yet.

This sowing season is special 'cause this time two of my gardener frds started their kitchen garden along with me. Cant wait to see your photos and reports too ! :D

Happy Gardening
~ Zahra

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