Sunday, 2 August 2009

Planting Dreams

Here are some photos from my first visit to Dawood public School, in Karachi.
Couple of days back, Pasha asked me to join in for a meeting with agriculture students from Karachi University with an agenda to team up to promote gardening.

DPS seems to be the place to start from. The school wants us to conduct gardening classes for all grade levels. Around the huge campus there are suitable plots to work on. The admin also allotted a reasonable space for vegetable patch with in the vast piece of land that is somewhat like a small valley with in the city.

This place is surrounded by carved rocky hills on top of which are bungalows. Some of the space is being used for parking and the rest is naturally green with shrubs, trees, wild fruits, vines, grasses and what not.

The project is still in its very initial stage. But surely has a lot of potential and reasons to be attractive.

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