Tuesday, 20 October 2009

From My Garden..To Yours !

Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics of nature with which she indicates how much she loves us. - Goethe

Imagine walking into your office with your head full of plans for the day, and catching a sight of a small little present that waits for you on your desk. Won’t it just make your day?!

It will always bring a smile no matter if it’s just a randomly picked flower or a little note saying “Have a good day!”

Life is all about sharing love and spreading smiles where ever you go. I like to take flowers on my way for my friends. During the time I was working at City PAF Chapter, my Senior Ministers, Ms Ruksana, loved motia flowers, so I would take some for her everyday. Once I forgot but she noticed and complained that she had been waiting for her flowers that morning. It felt amazing that few flowers can become so valuable and can spread a smile on their faces.
Just yesterday, Vice Principal form same school sent a message for me that she is still taking care of water lettuce plants that I gave her last year. It filled my heart with inexpressible delight.
As gardeners we all should practice giving each other something from our own garden. I am lucky to have found amazing gardener friends here at Dawood Public School. I had to give them something special!
Some of my cacti made it to the desks of my friends but many other baby cacti wanted a new home and Fahim (my gardener buddy) agreed to adopt them! I am happy for them.

You must take a walk through your garden, there ought to be something that you can present a friend and make them speechless with joy :)

~ Happy Gardening!



  1. every sharing of love and spreading smiles is considered as charity.

    nice sharing z!


  2. Isn't it amazing when ur work is your hobby :p Way 2 go!

  3. I wonder why you are sending them cactus as a gift? Yea they need less water and can be very good indoors. But yet there are many indoor plants still looking for your attention!

  4. theres a beauty in a cacti that cannot b described...plants that survice the toughest climate nature has to offer.....sight of a huge cacti flower is amazin cause its so rare....and on receiving 1; i for one was left... "speechless with joy"

  5. :) thanks guys...sadi u make everything look so holy..

    Xee.. m so glad u liked it..Thanks for being part of gardening at DPS!

    @ Mania... everything that nature produced is unique in its own way. I know that my baby cacti will be happiest with the ppl i gave them too.. 'cause they love em.. and the ones who had no clue what to do with em... will learn to take care of them.. isnt it great?!

  6. Everything that nature produced is mystified in its own way. We have to find the real meaning out of it. Sometimes its really very important for us to know about the positive and negative energies about the things we cared about.

    Its good to know about your intentions of sending cactus as a gift as they are symbol for protection and persistence.

    Do you believe, cactus protects our homes from the evil eye? Because I have lots of cactus species growing in my front yard!

  7. the only thing that makes everything mystifying in nature is that they hv been created by God...as a result of His love. I feel that loving His creations back is the only way we can divert negi energies:)

  8. Interesting post. Cactus is a great plant to gift as it is one of the toughest and it blooms as well. Another indoor plant worthy to gift is peace lily. It is one of best air purifier plant and blooms indoors as well.


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