Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Green Pledge!

Each year we celebrate the Earth Day, why not this year we make a resolution with expansive consciousness and productiveness. Let's pledge to be green!
Working in harmony with nature is the most natural thing to do. Being green can be beneficial for you and for the wildlife. It might seem a bit complicated initially but with knowledge you will learn, nothing is simpler than being natural! And just imagine you will contribute to save the entire eco system while enjoying the gardening pleasure!
So let us make a Green Resolution!
From this day onwards…
* I am a Green Gardener! and I will...
* maintain and beautify my organic garden.
* accept a level of imperfection in my garden
* reuse kitchen waste and plant foliage to make my own compost.
* try not use synthetic fertilizers and will make my own natural fertilizers.
* make my garden a heaven for the wildlife.
* encourage natural pest control
* take advantage of companion planting.
* love and preserve nature!

To practice our pledge, a group of my students belonging to grade 1, 4, 5 and 8 worked on a small recycling project. Since I teach them gardening, we made a plan to collect all the trash we can from around the campus and to make a little garden out of it. Students were divided into groups and assigned different tasks. A group went to the canteen to collect empty cartons; some went to look for empty plastic bottles, wrappers, tin cans and plastic bags. Few selected herbs, vegetables and flowers that they planted earlier.

It got extremely fun when students ran here and there excitedly with all wonderful ideas. They just wanted to use anything and everything they saw. It made me feel good because that’s what I wanted; to open up their eyes to all the possible ways they can make a difference.
I would encourage everyone to see this slide show to learn what we did and to get inspired by these young people. If they can do it so easily… why not all of us?!

Appreciate nature- Be a Part of it!
Happy Earth Day !
-Zahra Ali Syed
Project Details:
School: Dawood Public School, Karachi, Pakistan.
Teacher: Zahra Ali Syed
Subject: Gardening
Topic : The Green Pledge!
Aim: To encourage students to make a garden out of recycled material.
Students participated:
1. Rahat Bashir [ Grade 1 ]2. Fatima Shabir [ Grade 4 ]3. Maidah Sohail [ Grade 5 ]4. Maidah Nadem [ Grade 5 ] 5. Zainab Zehra [ Grade 5 ]6. Ayesha Rizwan [ Grade 5 ]7. Shumaila Amjad[ Grade 8 ]


  1. Love your new blog theme zahra the princess! Its beautiful... keep up the great work of turning this planet into a beautiful garden...

    may every plant that you put into the soil become a blessed prayer and glorification to the One Who created all living things.

    blessings upon blessings!


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