Monday, 23 August 2010

A Bowl Full of Leeks

Leeks from the market
People say that rainy days are for the gardeners to take a break, but I disagree.

Rainy day is a perfect reason to be out in your garden. Karachi has seen monsoon rains during the past few rainy day I decided to plant leeks.

I have had many unsuccessful attempts to grow leeks and onions from seeds. But there are always shortcuts. Here is a simple way to grow your leeks!

1. Buy leeks from the market. The younger bulbs the better.
2. Prepare a container that is wide but not very deep.
3. Chop off most of the leaves. 
4. Plant the heads in the soil.

Let few drizzles fall on the newly planted leeks. Keep it in shade for next few days.
Heads of the Leeks freshly planted.

Growing crops cant get any easy than this. Plant some leeks!

Happy Gardening!



  1. A friend of yours (Sukaina) gave me this link. You are doing a wonderful job. Crops n Pots culture must be promoted. Not only it is wonderful pastime, you get fresh and delicious vegetable and the joy of having grown it yourself. My best wishes to you Zahra.
    S M Hasan

  2. Welcome to my garden Hassan:)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment and the wish. Do you also have a container garden?


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