Thursday, 21 April 2011

Grow your vegetables at home

Here is a small 3.5 minute presentation that I made for Jashan e Faiz festival on 17th April, 2011 here in Karachi. This presentation was a part of Environment related talks to inspire general public to be conscious about their role in protecting the environment. I will share more details of this event soon. For now watch this presentation(urdu) and share it with ones you want to inspire to grow crops organically.

Grow your own vegetables
How to sow seeds?
Where to grow vegetables?
Why Organic farming?
Make your own compost
Invite wildlife to your garden

Thanks Rizwan for sharing your grow bag picture:)

Happy Gardening


  1. zabardast zahra!!!! 10 o 10 you are absolute talent of the world dude...


  3. umekulsoominam9 May 2011 at 10:31

    i dont want to use chemical fertilizers but my plants grow very slow almost all got flowers but that shed off in a day itself rather to turn into vegie or fruit .wats the solution?asked a mali n he said to use fertilizer i was thinking in dat direction but ur video save me to do dat .

  4. It is small but to the point and very informative advise. Keep it up. I am also trying to grow in my small garden in DHA karchi the cucumber with seed. Last time I failed as I mixed all y seeds, without knowing the effect on different plant. as a result i able to get only tomato (Lot), Tori and egg plant in pots only, but my cucumber seed never showed up. any quick suggestion???? I also successfully grow cucumber and tomato in Canada from 22nd june 2014 and got 15/20 tomato on each plant of about over 3 inches dia 200grams per tomato and cucumber about 10/11 inches size weigh about 400/500grams and on each plants around 10/15 cucumber in only 50 days. I just harvest on 16th August few from my plants. Thanks.
    Masood A Khan


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