Sunday, 5 June 2011

Free vegetable seeds from Crops in Pots

To celebrate World Environment Day Crops in Pots is sharing vegetable seeds with its readers to spread organic farming in cities. You can request your set of free seeds by sending your postal address to before Wednesday 8th June,2011.

First 10 participants will receive their set of Cucumber Beit Alpha, Eggplant Black King, Tomato Roma, Green Chillies and Okra in the coming week.

Currently, this offer is for residents of Karachi only. But keep coming back as we are bringing a wide range of seeds for you soon.

We would love to see your photos from the kitchen garden you grow from the same seeds :)

Happy Gardening !


image credit : Mehlum Sadriwala Studios


  1. It is a good step to promote Kitchen Garden like stuff!

    P.S. I'm a bit disappointed as there are no exotic vegetable seeds ;-(

  2. woohooo way to go!
    awesome blog! luv it!

  3. Zahra,

    That's a really cool initiative!!!

    Keep it going.


    @SM Nabil: I am also interested in any kind of exotic veggies or spices. If you have any ideas, please share.

  4. @Anonymous: I have just ideas not seeds ;-(
    Actually the imported one are good but risky/costly however it would be great if we find some local grown seeds of exotic vegs, ANY LOCAL GROWER listening?

  5. and Thank you Zahra, I can see my Cactus in the pic :-)

  6. great job i want the seed toooooooooooo


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