Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mend pot-holes on Independence Day

ہم اس بار جشن آزادی اپنے شہر کراچی کی سڑکوں کی مرمت کر کے منا رہے ہیں ...آئیے ہمارا ساتھ دیجئے !

We are celebrating The Independence Day by mending pot-holes in our city Karachi.

Greener Karachi Trust will provide mixture of used oil and sand for this purpose. We will simply dump this into the holes and level it.
Planning meeting and demonstration was held on12th August, 2011. Activity is planned for 14th August,2011 4 pm sharp.

Help us identify more streets which need pot-hole mending. We will arrange for the mixture. Spread the word.

Lets make our streets better!

Media is invited on 14th.

Directions to the farm:

Sohana Farm is in Gulshan e Iqbal Block-1. Directions from Gulshan Chowrangi:
* From Gulshan Chowrangi go on road towards Rab Medical / Samdani hospital
* Turn Right on 2nd Traffic Light (ie No Turn on 1st Traffic Light)
* Go to end of Road, where you take Left
* Go all the way until you see "Laraib Gardens"
* Take a right into narrow lane just before "Laraib Gardens"
* Sohana Farm gate is on the Left at the end of this lane, next to construction site.

contact: Yasir Husain 0333 214 954 3
Sohana Farm :021 349 704 78

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