Thursday, 20 March 2008

A Warm Greeting

As i walked into my lil garden this morning, a new friend greeted me. Oh My Black-eyed bean Plants are Finally blooming.

That’s the first sign of summers! Warm days and warm nights are here. Not really good news for most of us but summer bring new colors and its own tasty flavors to our gardens! I am so excited to grow my summer crops!

Black-eyed beans/cowpea or the white lobia as we call them, should be sown early in spring. Scorching summers will bring end to the production of this wonderful crop. So if you want to try this delicious bean this summer sow your seeds ASAP. Try mid-season varieties. I planted mine local seeds in late January when weather here was still chilly and I have already shifted my plants to larger pots.

These delicious peas need little attention. Pests and disease are rarely a problem. Just watch out for aphids! You will have to wait almost 75 days after germination to enjoy these yummiest beans. 8inch long pods will be ready when they feel round and are freshly green. Use deliciously flavored peas fresh or dried! Remember, frequent harvesting increases yield.

Well, I am so excited to see these beautiful blooms in my garden. You should also try growing peas. They have the most beautiful and the most fragrant blossoms among all vegetables. Peas have pole and bush varieties. Lama beans, Soya beans, yellow bush beans are just few of widely used ones. I was amazed to know that there are purple peas too! We are missing out so much here, I wish people try new things and make everything possible. Our lands lack nothing; we lack in trying new things, experimenting. I think, we need to get inspired by nature! Get inspired! Try new things!

Happy Summer Gardening!

If you have tired these wonderful crops do share your tips!
Watch out for my next blog, I’ll be talking you to the enchanted world of Grape tomatoes!


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