Saturday, 15 March 2008

Crops in Pots

There Is nothing better than waking up in the morning and walking into your own garden, It gets even more amazing when you garden is packed with mouth-watering food!

Last fall, I had this wonderful experience of growing vegetables. Not just any vegetables! But, some pleasantly unique varieties, such as grape and cherry tomatoes, Yellow pear tomatoes, Purple Peppers, Big red, orange sun and diamond Peppers and some other crops like juicy, 1 inched, crispy, red Radishes! That’s not all! These “crops were grown in pots” on a roof in Karachi! Amazing or what!

Initially it was very hard for many to imagine crops in a pot. And they found it impossible for my little rainbow garden to survive in Karachi’s brutal weather. But I was so determined to grow crops that it was just not possible for me to give up before even trying.I came across this idea of “crops in a pot” at Before that I never knew that we could actually grow vegetables in pots. It totally inspired me to have my own little crops in a pot garden.

At first, I tried local varieties; it was not a good experience although, it taught me a lot. Credit goes to Mr. Tofique Pasha, who encouraged and helped me a lot with millions of troubles I encountered. Well, my first experience was not good. Plants got severe attacks by mites.

While searching for different varieties of tomatoes and peppers I was astonished to discover that there are so many varieties of these vegetables that one cannot imagine! I totally got lost in the world of tomatoes! And I had to get those varieties for my garden. I requested my uncle to get them from Houston for me! And luckily he found all that I listed.For my garden I selected Grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and yellow pear tomatoes. And wanted mix verity of sweet peppers too.

Visualize vigorous tomato vines, packed with mouth-watering bunches of ripped red tomatoes and young green ones, little yellow colored pears hanging here n there on the branches, smiling at you, Crispy, shinny Purple peppers catching your eyes, and dazzling red ones waiting to be picked!

You must experience sowing tiny, visually dead seeds into the soil, watering them, and seeing them come to live! Enjoying their blooms and fruits. It’s just out of this world experience to pick fruits from the branches or to harvest them from the soil.
Oh! You got to have one of your own to peek into heaven’s unseen gardens!

I ll be updating my blog regularly, giving an update about my garden and what new things I learned. I would love to see your comments, suggestions and contributions!


  1. Tofique Pasha Mooraj17 March 2008 at 14:19

    Good job growing all the new stuff. Next year you must show it at the flower show. Good write up too.

  2. hey Zahra great job..!!! I agree wid tofique pasha...

  3. salaam,i read your articles quite so fond of growing my own veges but failure after do i start.tofiq told me after looking at my vege garden pics that it was a salinity prob ,hav yet to hear from him.i dont even hav green fingers

  4. Email me on

    let me know what kind of soil do you use? ratios of sand and compost?

    where do u plant? pots or plot?

    What kind of water do you use?

    I live in clifton and the water we get is saline, so we have to purchase water for our plants too.


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