Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Stroke of Life

Some rainy clouds finally found their way to us this morning just when Karachi was losing hope of Monsoons.

Rain is a sign of renewal; Showering life all around us. Taking advantage of this power of rain, I have sown cherry tomato seeds. The rainwater will work as magic to make seeds sprout, or to bring life to any dead plants. Last time when it rained, coriander plants germinated from seeds in just a day after uncountable unsuccessful attempts during normal days. I guess only this nature of rainwater made my potatoes develop roots too. Pervious efforts were disappointing.

I marvel how nature has planned timings for each plant to bloom. Right before rains, Bulbine Lily, bright yellow flowers emerge, adding eye-catching contrast with the clouds. Some plants are already blooming; one that I have is an attractive silver bush! Deep violet flowers are a wonderful addition. They do not only look great on the plant, but also when they fall off during the rain, and float in water complementing the mood.

With music of drizzling water on the coconut leaves right out side the window, aroma of rain is filling my heart with strange sensation and the thundering clouds are making the scene even more thrilling. I MUST go outside now!

Happy Monsoons!

i have got a lot more to tell what I have been doing! Let us leave that for the next time.


  1. beautiful blog. beautiful garden can one get in touch with you abt gardening tips? i am struggling at the moment..

  2. Dear Sumera,

    Thank you so much for your appreciation and comments on my blog. I don't know much about gardening.. but i would love to help you with all that i know...

    you can email me!

  3. hey Zahra its me jannat:D..i just loved the way you have taken those pics...i mean its really can be a photographer i must say:D...anyway you have made this blog really beatiful by adding those pics...i also have interest in gardening...once i am there i will surely visit your garden because for me it seems really interesting:)

  4. RAFAY


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