Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sunshine Solace

I believe nature is exclusively devoted to us, we might forget it, but it never does. And at times it shows us hints to clear our doubts, and whisper messages to reply our queries, or sometimes, it simply become a close friend to support and comfort us.

Days are still scorching hot, but sun shines with pleasant brilliance in the evening, spreading luminosity and a radiant glow; coddling us with its warmth and coziness after the long hours of blazing sun.

Well, I do need that back up, as I am out hunting for an allotment to go large gardening! Yes you heard me right! I have been busy with all research, study, and in the quest of a plot large enough to start a vegetable farm for marketing purpose.

It surely is a huge step, a challenge. But passion along with self-confidence is the force that makes it all happen. Well for sowing seeds right after the EID in early October, I don’t have much of the time left.

September is almost here, and evenings depict sensation of winters all ready which excites me more to be in the fields. I do not have any resources as yet but I am certain that this blog will be featuring my progressing vegetable farm soon!

I was doing most of the research online. (I must thank Pasha for his patience on uncountable questions of a novice like me) Recently found a book at an old bookshop by oxford press “Principles of Field Crop Production” which turned out to be a guide to every vital detail a beginner needs to know.

There is so much I want to share and it gets delayed every time. But will soon reveal the most delightful addition to my crops garden!

Happy Gardening!
B Happy!


  1. Dear Zahra,

    Thank you very much of this mail. Your mails are always refreshing.

    Lots of Dua's

    Uncle Kauser.

  2. Asalam-o-Alaikum,

    Set hai yar zahro, wish you A very BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR LARGE GARDENING. I know my Zahro is very hard working my prayers is with you i wish that you wil get all your best resources by sadqay main Ahlay Bait Ahlay his Salam kay so that your Dream come true. Ameen


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