Saturday, 27 December 2008

Winter's Here!

Coziness of sunshine with chilly winter winds is spreading fecundity all around my garden. .

Finally after long scorching season, weather is getting suitable for growing crops. Although the delayed season made me bit lazy initially but new sprouts inspired me to spring up again.

Sun shines brilliantly over Radishes so does on the lime flowers. Speaking of flowers, Aloe Vera is blooming! Even my tiny cucumber plants have buds! I have transplanted some of flower plants into separate containers. Which include zinnias, asters, bachelor’s button, sweet Williams and some other cut flowers.

The most exciting thing that happened is that foxgloves have sprouted! These according to an article in Review, DAWN, can never grow here in Pakistan. But it is growing here on a rooftop in Karachi! :D hope it blooms too.

I am in love with root vegetables this season. Local beets, carrots and radishes are growing well. So are tomatoes, spinach and lettuce. Although gardening is not as much fun as it was last year. I was growing second batch this time on the year. But this time there is this strange variation in weather that postponed everything. Still the sun is bizarrely hot for young plants; it was never a trouble this time of the year.

This happens. We plan ahead but things don’t happen accordingly. Its to remind us that’s there is someone who is taking care of our affairs, things happen according to His will and we cannot question that.

best is to go-with-the-flow sometimes :)

Enjoy the season as much as you can !

~ Happy Gardening !

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