Monday, 14 September 2009


Each day brings new surprises, new reasons to be thankful and to appreciate the beauty that still surrounds us. This morning I was lucky to encounter some bumble bees buzzing around this stunning wild plant.

These fuzzy bees are usually 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch long,with yellow and black band or stripes on them(although this property changes in some species).Unlike Honey bees, they are not honey producers but pollination greatly depend on these social servers.

If you ever catch the sight of a bumble bee hovering over a flower, feeding on nectar and collecting pollen as it go to one flower after the another,just pause and adore the little creature that is quietly keeping this world green. Although nature produced more than 200 species of bumble bees, but sadly they are facing a threat of extinction. The only thing we can do to save them is to preserve their habitats.

It enough for our awakening that these great bees have been praised in Holy Quran and have been set as an example for us.


  1. Zahra, nice and brave shots. If i am correct, this plant has gone wild in our climate in lahore and punjab. now coming to the bee. I had a carpenter bee visiting my flowers twice. But never could i capture the close shots of it just because it was so big and i was horrified for the sting. did you use optical zoom? i tried the zoom but it did not work. thanks for sharing these beautiful pics

  2. Khabbab, thanks for your comments. Bees horify me too! These just seemed harmless and friendly but still made me run away couple of times.

    I guess I was jsut lucky to find them there and also to have a camera in my hand... I was simply using sony 7.2 :) ... just a coincidence i guess that zooming dint become a problem.


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