Thursday, 17 September 2009

Keeping Track

This morning when I was walking inside the school, it was a joy to see all students running towards their pots, watering them and excitedly talking about plants.
Two girls were watering their radish seeds in plastic glasses through the window that reflected early morning sun, a crowd was scattered in the corridors near the plastic bags, and right when i was loving the sight of passionate gardeners, some angry prefects ran towards me with complains about students that they want to see their plants all the time, and they cant allow that because then they never leave:)

Although I felt even more joy, but they were right too. So told them that they should be only allowed during break. As I took a tour around the campus to see the progress, in few classes teachers caught me walking pass the window, and asked if I was the gardening teacher, scared.. I said yes. They also had same complain! That students wont sit on their chairs, they keep going back to their plants on the window slab. :)

I felt super good. Only because without anyone forcing these kids to look after their plants, they have developed an attachment with them. As soon as they enter the campus, they run to see their plants, now their plantation area has become their favorite hangout, they themselves have started sharing duties to water their plants and then not to forget all the requests to take their plants with them for the weekend:)

Well... I cant put my feeling into words.. I am totally crazy in this regard. The satisfaction that I am getting by seeing these children turning so passionate about gardening and nature,teachers and domestics asking for developing interest in sowing seeds and uncountable question sessions by students when ever and where ever they see me, is just beyond expression.

Sow a seed!

~ Happy Gardening


  1. Gardening is a life time fun. Good to see these young girls sowing seeds and passionate of taking care of them in the coming days. And its worth seeing their excited faces.

    All the best.

  2. Hi Zahra, you have a very nice blog! Your writings truly show your passion towards gardening and this is the thread which binds all us garden lovers across all geographical boundaries.
    Best Wishes

  3. @ mania.. thanks:) you are so right when u say that its worth seeing their faces:D it sure is... it so heart warming to see them passionate about nature.. and the way they take care of seedlings.. its amazing...

    @ green thumb.. welcome:) thank you so much...interet is truely a blessing. I m glad that you like my blog... do keep visiting :)

    ~ Happy Gardening!


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