Monday, 8 February 2010

C is for Cabbage!

You cannot just walk pass this stunning vegetable without getting a temptation to taste its crispy and scrumptious leaves! And when you get a chance, don't miss it! You gotta take a bite!
( that's not for my students :) don't touch others plant ! )
This season Chinese Cabbage proved to be the best growing crop at our vegetable patch at school. It was simply a super hit !
Sowing seeds is easy. Just place the seed 1/4 inch deep in a well mixed soil and water with a shower until plants are few weeks old. We experimented growing this wonderful crop in pots and as well as on a plot.
With the help of Engro's drip irrigation system we are growing some amazing vegetables at our patch and proper watering patterns have shown us great results in the case of Chinese Cabbage.
Kids have started loving the results! There are crops all over the school. They get totally fascinated when they come over to the patch. They would run after butterflies, touch each leaf, search for carrots, and the best part is when I am leading them and as soon as they see the plants, I hear voices from behind, " Wow!! Thats beautiful! ".Ah.. Nothing can match the joy I feel when I hear that. It makes me feel like siting back and just watching them run excitedly between plants.
( and forget about teaching! hehe)
Happy Gardening !

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