Saturday, 20 March 2010

Flower Show 2010 - Photos are Here!

Hey all !
Finally, I was able to upload all the photos from the Flower Show 2010 that was organized by DIGS ( Dawoodain Inspirational Gardeners' Society ) on 1st March, 2010. It was formed by Fahim Zuberi and myself on 3rd Nov, 2009 with one motto; " We don't want a garden in a school, we want a school in a garden."
And I think we did that! :)
The show displayed more than 5000 plants that included 3500 season flowers including Pansies mix, Antirrhinum, Dianthus, Geraniums, Begonia, Nicotinia, Ornamental Cabbage, Mithokeria, Verbena, Marigold mix, French Marigold, Petunia Mix, Calendula, Impatiens, Alyssum mix, Phlox mix, Dalias, Snowball marigolds, Dahlias, etc. Along with these beautiful flowers, we also had water plants, unique variety of grafted cactus, bonsais, orchids, indoor plants, variegated plants and crops grown by our students which included tomatoes, spinach , cabbage, parsley and basil.
More than 1200 students belonging to grade KG to grade 11th made all the arrangements. Teachers also participated actively and made the show a success.
It was one great experience over all. Fahim, Shugufta and I have been working since Oct, doing market surveys, plant shopping, talking to people and doing our research. But we had the most amazing time doing all that . It was a truly a learning experience.
We highly appreciate constant appreciation by Pasha, Sabrina and all others. We also value everyone's hard work that made it possible.
Enjoy the slide show !
Happy Gardening !
- Zahra


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