Monday, 26 December 2011

Lets swap our plants!

Plant exchange is a brilliant practice that lets us swap plants from our gardens.  

My first home-grown pineapple!
To initiate plant-swap on Crops in Pots, I am offering my home-grown Pineapple plant.

2 years back, a friend gave me a Pineapple plant that was 1 year old. Last year it produced the most delicious Pineapple I have ever tasted and later it left me with 4 baby plants. 

I am keeping 3 for my own garden. 1 of these plants can be yours if you have a special plant to make a trade :)

So hurry up! Post a photo of your plant on Crops in Pots that you wish to swap for my pineapple plant or email me at

Note: Pineapples loves to grow in containers but will take up some space. They fruit when they are 2 years old and after fruiting they will leave 3-4 new plants for you.

* this offer is only for Karachi.


  1. As Salamu Alaikum wa Rehmatulahi wa Barakatuhu

    Beautiful Accomplishment MashAllah.

    I don't have any plants to exchange for now, last year I grew some vegetables at my parent's home and I got a good yield Alhamdullilah, I intend to grow some this year also, InshAllah.

    Can you lend some 4-5 seeds of your different floral plants, if you have them in surplus for this season?

    I think you are the right person to ask about the dates of this year's floral show which is held in the park near Mc Donald's at Seaview.

    JazakAllahu Khairan Katheera.

  2. Assalam 0 Alaikum.
    do you still have the pineapple plant? I do not have an exotic plant to trade with, but I will give you my tomato plant in exchange. it is very healthy and growing a lot of tomatoes. it is still young. I will send you the pictures if you tell me if you still have the pineapple plant and are ready to exchange.

  3. i think it's good habit to do for health nd your plants for too this one is do great idea hope share some more ideas with us.


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