Sunday, 10 October 2010

The best present a gardener can get

A present from :)
The best present  a gardener can get is a packet of seeds of his(or  her) favorite flowers or crops.

I recived my large parcel packed with an amazing selection of seeds by Rizwan of day before yesterday. It contains some herbs, flowers and vegetable seeds. All that I love! 

The most special pack among those is the seed pack of dwraf sweet peas because these are the seeds from Rizwan' garden in Luton. 

Seeds of sweet peas from Rizwan' garden in Luton.

This morning I decided to sow some flowers that Rizwan sent me and some that I bought for my garden. I started off by filling my 5 inch pots with soil and making tags for the flowers I wanted to grow. Flowers that I planted are Nasturtium, Pansies( mix), Hollyhock( rosea), Stock, Sweet Peas(dwarfs) and Night scented flowers.

Used sieved compost to cover the seeds.

I used sieved compost to cover my seeds lightly. placed the tags, watered with a soft shower and placed them in sun. Soon my seedlings will appear and soon after that, my garden will be filled with winter colors.

Pots must have tags!

Welcome winters by sowing some winter flower.

Happy Gardening!



  1. Great!
    Have a Sweet n Green Winter!

  2. This is really the Blog I was searching for.... thank you
    I have couple of questions related to Organic Vegetable Gardening. First of all please guide me from where we can buy the Organic Containers for Sowing Seeds, also I would like to know from where one can purchase good Organic Compost for growing vegetables in containers / pot at home.
    Thank you again for this excellent BLOG .....

  3. Thanks:)

    Welcome Akber,
    Terracotta pots are most organic. The manure used commonly is also organic but if you mean compost made by decomposing organic waste, you can get that from any horticulture store around the city or make your own.

  4. I am an amateur gardener and try growing different flowers and vegetables. I would like to share my seeds aith others like me so that we can develop a safe collection of heirloom seeds. the current trend of terminator seeds is getting dangerous.


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