Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shari on a Dessert Pine Bonsai

Dessert Pine ( Before)
Dessert Pine Bonsai ( after)
I spent this afternoon trying to make my first shari on a bonsai. We have bonsai making classes on every Saturday at Com. Khalid Sohail's ( V.P Bonsai Society of Pakistan) place here in Karachi but somehow I have not been able to post about any one of them yet. Here are the photos of the plant before and after I was done with it. Almost chopped off my thumb in the process.


( ps. just noticed that I need to cut extra wires. bad pic.too much shari. i am learning!)


  1. No worries! there is first time for everything...

    I'm trying to make my first ever bonsai...

    Though I did not take any classes but as per Bonsai theory trying to give them a very stressed environment.

    P.S. If you or any reader knows about bonsai classes @ Indus Valley please do share some of its details.

  2. Oh no!

    Do not give your plant a very stressed environment. There is no such theory of bonsai making.

    Love you plant .. take care of it. You need to train it properly and gently so that it never get stressed.

    I dont know about Indus Valley, but bonsai society conducts classes at Zamzama park once a month.

  3. Zahra!
    U got me wrong... Stressed Environment means not letting the plant to grow freely as its natural behavior... See, U did somewhat the same; stressed this Pine Tree :-) U cut it down and fasten it with wires :-)

    P.S. Tumhara Khoon Rang laiga, this Bonsai will be awesome soon :-)

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