Sunday, 17 October 2010

One morning in my garden

Exotic yellow flowers that makes the day even brighter.

No matter how small is the flower, it can make you stop and appreciate its beauty.

Sun rises behind this beautiful Allamanda vine making the flowers even more beautiful.

Another Allamanda that makes me smile. Its right next to the door.

They are caged but at least they are a part of my garden. Their chirping creates a wild ambiance.

It does nothing. Usually people think its a stuffed bird.

I planted the a very thick cutting of the scared fig tree for bonsai making. It has sprouted!!

All the seeds of the flowers that I planted few days back have sprouted.


  1. Nice Photo Blog of a Nice Gardener's Garden!
    Good to See Fauna & Flora at the same time...
    To me the best one is the last one, I don't know what, but I love Seedlings :-)

  2. I liked idea of crops in pots, and personally tried to grow radish and arabi..
    the radish seedling video is great
    I hope that you will keep up with this wonderful website and continue to provide more information about gardening in pots :)


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